Photo Courtesy Carly Geraci State News

A National Championship game in November

God do I love Duke. That’s no joke. Call me a bandwagon, call me a scumbag that’s up to you but I love Duke and there’s nothing you can say that’s gonna change that. Grayson Allen? God. JJ Reddick? GOAT. I get why people hate Grayson Allen but man is he great. He embraces everything that all villains have to. He’s sooooo damn clutch. 37 points in the third game of the season vs the #2 team in the Country!? I need more of that in college basketball. Granted, I know they were playing MSU so I cheered in silence and rooted for my school but was a bit disappointed with their play.


I would’ve been happier had MSU been able to come away with the win but we all live and learn. Hopefully that’s what this team will do because I was pretty unimpressed if I’m being honest and here’s why. I guess I’ll start out with what they did well. I thought Jaren Jackson Jr. was awesome in that game. He played like the 5 star talent he is, hitting clutch 3’s in big moments and making plays down low that included finishing some big and 1’s and dishing the ball outside. One thing I thought he could’ve improved on was rebounding. Duke was absolutely out bodying State on the boards and I really am convinced had MSU been able to take away some of those offensive rebounds from Duke they would’ve. There’s your good. Here’s the bad.


Two words: Miles. Bridges. DUDE! What are you doing?? He played scared the whole night except for that one stint where he hit 2 three’s in a row. He did that thing where he slapped the floor with both hands and stuck his tongue out, opened his eyes all big and I stood up and said “JUST GIVE ME THE NATTY RIGHT NOW!” I was fired up as was all of Spartan Nation. Not so fast I found out. After that outburst from Miles he went soft. He had NO answers for that 2-3 zone and as a sophomore no doubt NBA talent you have to be able to create your own shot, move the ball, just do something. You can’t just stand at the wing and when you get the ball either throw up a 3 or pass it off. ATTACK BIG MAN. Bridges is a freak of nature one of the most pure athletic talents I’ve ever witnessed but he didn’t use it in that game. He looked scared. He needed to penetrate that zone and put shots up or create something to find  the open man.


Here’s what MSU needs to do in the future to win. They need to be as physical as Duke, and they need to find ways to create open shots, and then when they get the opportunity they need to sink them. If Josh Langford wants to be a successful 2 guard he needs to be able to hit shots consistently. Rebounds and scoring. That’s going to be the biggest needs for the Spartans if they want to live up to the hype that’s been placed on them this season. Turnovers and mental mistakes will be fixed you have my word. Izzo will not put up with that and I have no worries about that.


These two teams will meet up again I can promise that. And when they do, Izzo’s gonna take a win from Coach K. 13 and 2 baby. Izzo’s climbing back. You heard it here first.

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