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Call me crazy but Lebron James is in the midst of his best season ever. Here we go, cue the haters!! I know what you’re gonna say, “He’s playing in a weak Eastern Conference blah blah.” WELL HE PLAYS 40 MINUTES A GAME! Cry me a river man, why can’t anyone sit back and appreciate his greatness? Who knows how many years left we have watching the King so why are we trying to evaluate every single aspect of his game? The 15 year vet is the NBA villain yet again for no reason.

Sure, maybe I follow Nick Wright and maybe he is a bit excessive, but we’re out here everyday trying to defend someone who has legitimate credentials to pass as the greatest player of all time.

“People really forget how trash basketball was in the 80’s” – Nick Wright 

Look, what Lebron puts on social media should only help his stature. He’s just the biggest troll in the world with his tactics and his corny sayings. Those Arthur memes make it so easy to love him even more. He is always one-step ahead of everyone else. His Instagram stories that go viral while he’s working out are hilarious and make me want to run through a brick wall for him.

All I hear in the Lebron vs. Jordan arguments are “6 RINGS!!!! 6 RINGS!!!” First off lemme start by saying congrats… Because that’s literally your only argument. Jordan won in an era where athletes weren’t at the top of their game and no one trained nearly as hard as the players do today. I would agree that the game has gotten softer, but what makes you think a 6’8 250 lb. behemoth of a man couldn’t dominate back then too? The reason people hate him is because he is everything everyone wants to be. FACT. 3-5 in the finals? SO. WHAT. Eight (8 YES YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY) straight finals against teams with the most elite talent and coaching in the NBA, and he is able to consistently showcase jaw-dropping numbers year in and year out.

I can’t even believe I’m writing this right now. If someone told me they don’t like Lebron because he’s a whiner who asks for every call I’d consider throwing up in front of them. All of the best athletes ask for every call. You ever see Tom Brady throw a fit about something? It’s every other play man. Saying he begs for calls couldn’t be more irrelevant and I still hear this on a consistent basis. HE IS ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING IN THE NBA. THERE I SAID IT. Lebron James has single handedly changed the sport and whether you hate it or not, you should respect it.

I cannot stress this enough, the best player in the world still holds his crown because of his uncanny ability to perform at an elite level in all aspects of the game. He is a bully on the court. He’s better than Jordan, better than Magic, no other way to describe it. He is the greatest athlete the world has ever seen.

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