The King Has Officially Taken Over

Before I start, I would just like to say that I wrote this at midnight last night after I watched the Cavs-Timberwolves duke it out, and I didn’t finish until around 3:30 in the morning.

So without further ado…

Ladies and Gentlemen, please gather around. What you are about to witness will be hard to fathom, but the truth, is the truth.

LeBron James is about to bring Cleveland so far out of the dumps, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns won the Super Bowl next year.

First, I hear Lebron gets in this huge exchange with two Cavs Execs where voices were raised and fists were thrown. Well, no, not really, but could you imagine? That first part’s true, unfortunately no fists were thrown.

My reaction to this whole situation? I am currently standing at my microwave, poppin’ some popcorn, getting ready to watch my soon to be favorite new show:

The King Has Taken Over.

As far as I’m concerned, Lebron is the acting Head Coach, President and GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Whatever he says, goes. He’s the new Sherriff in town. If he wants bagels in the locker room on Monday’s, there better be a hot ‘n fresh stack of New York Bagels with a nice spread of different flavored shmeers waiting right there at his chair every Monday morning.

The King, is the King for a reason. He gets what he wants, when he wants it. And he wants to win. After watching last nights game against the T-wolves, I’m convinced his loud mouth has got this team back on track.

138-136 Timberwolves up by two.

Lebron lays it in off the glass with 24.0 seconds left in OT. Shot clock turned off. Tie game.

138-138 Timberwolves Ball with Jimmy Butler driving. Lebron swats it in his face with 2.3 seconds left.

Timeout. 1.3 seconds left. Cavs Ball.

138-138 Cavaliers to inbound.

Lebron sinks game winner over Butler. 0.0.

Cavs win 140-138. He flipped the switch right on National Television.

This man, or whatever he is, played 48 minutes tonight. Let that sink in first, people. This man is thirty-three years old. He finished with 37 points. 15 Rebounds. And 10 assists. He shot 16-22 from the field, a soft seventy-three percent for the night, and was 5-7 from downtown, a sorry seventy-one percent.

Just your average night for a King.

Let me just point out that he is currently 13 years older than Lonzo Ball. Congrats on the kid,  I see your recovery is going splendid. And is playing the length of an entire NBA game, a week and a half before the freaking All-Star Break.

Lebron just took Cleveland out of the ground, picked that entire city up, put them on his back, and is currently carrying them towards the promised land.

People, I just want you to know, in case you hadn’t heard, human beings don’t do stuff like this. This is special. This is really fun to watch. Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s going to use these next two weeks and recover the hell out of his body after a night like tonight, so expect the shirtless Instagram stories that’ll make you want to propel yourself at a concrete wall. But I promise you, come second half, mark my words, he will go on and absolute TEAR in the NBA. Fear. The. King.

He’s already averaging a pretty 26.3 points, 8.0 rebounds and 8.6 assists per game. But that’s nothing compared to what this second half is going to look like. Absolutely disgusting numbers are about to be put up post All-Star break. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he averages a triple double.

This was a statement game for him. He just ripped his jersey right down the middle, screamed as loud as he could, and said, I got this. He told everybody in Cleveland, you let me run your franchise, from top to bottom, and we’re going to win another NBA Championship.

The King has officially taken over.

Obviously he can’t do it for that long by himself, but that is what tonight was for. He told everybody in that locker room,

I am the captain now.

He looked right at Isaiah Thomas and said, you work for me now.

I did not expect him to trade him away the next day, but damn I am pretty much a fortune teller.

With Kevin Love out of the picture, this team can finally mesh the way they should have been all along.

Expect to see a very angry Lebron James this second half of the season. He is about to rampage through the NBA like a bat outta hell, all the way to the NBA finals.

At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t really matter though, because the Golden State Warriors still exist, and they’re pretty much going to win. Not without a historic NBA finals performance, by the one and only, the King.

It’s Winter Meeting season and I couldn’t be happier

It’s that time of year again ladies and gents. Winter meetings are just a few short weeks away. A time when the finest of baseballs front office members pack their bags and head down to sunny Orlando, Florida with the hopes of signing the biggest and best free-agents on the market and conducting any other league-wide transactions.

Let me start by saying this. It’s gonna be a wild one this time around and hopefully it’ll give me that little fix of MLB that I’ve been craving since the Astros hoisted the Commissioner’s Trophy above their heads.

Where Will Giancarlo Stanton Land?

Derek Jeter the new owner of the Miami Marlins is cleaning house. Everyone’s on the chopping block unless your name is Christian Yelich. Jeter’s in full rebuild mode and for good reason. The Marlins finished just under .500 on the season at 77-85, but were a better team than their record shows. After the tragic death of Jose Fernandez that team just wasn’t the same and for good reason. He was such a huge loss to not only that team, but to the sport itself. RIPJF. Right now Stanton is sitting on a mountain of money equivalent to $295 million over 10 years. He has a buyout clause after the 2020 season if he so wishes to use it. He’s no doubt one of the top trade pieces of the last 10 years. He has pretty much everything teams are looking for especially after coming off a historic year. A good bat who can either DH or play the outfield depending if he’ll end up in the AL or NL, and he is a longterm guy with at least 3 seasons left under contract, granted he doesn’t want the buy out. The teams that have been the most outspoken about trading for Stanton are the Cardinals, Giants and Dodgers. I heard the Red Sox were in the mix for a little, per usual as Dave Dombrowski loves to destroy franchises by trading away and spending everything his teams own and then failing to win a World Series (circa Detroit Tigers 2012). Stanton has all the money he could ever want and coming off a year like that he’ll go wherever he wants, and I think that’s back home to beautiful Southern California.

Most likely landing spot: Dodgers, they have too much in the farm system and plenty of money to spend.


Where will Japanese two-way superstar Shohei Otani land?

Survey says… Whichever team has the most money!

Yep, you guessed it. Cue the music ladies and gents get my guy Frank Sinatra on deck.


That’s right Otani is almost a lock in New York in my opinion. It’s not a matter of if he comes to the MLB it’s a matter of when. A guy who throws 100 from the mound and rakes at the plate just screams like a guy that Brian Cashman wants on his roster. Complement that with the youth that team has and that’s going to be a scary looking roster. The Yanks are real close, they have almost everything they need to win number 28 and it was very easy to see that as they fell to the world champs in Game 7 of the ALCS. Rebuilding year? Not so much. The Yanks are close and Otani will only secure that even more. When Judge wasn’t striking out 9,000 times they hit top to bottom like one of the best teams in the MLB. Their bullpen was awesome in the postseason and David Robertson looked like a young stud once again. When almost everyone in your bullpen throws 95+ Larry Rothschild definitely has plenty of options. Tanaka looked like the guy he was back in Japan, Severino showed flashes of greatness but was just a little too inconsistent at times, stacked with that lineup? Watch. Out.  Who knows whether Otani will pan out as a two-way stud, but there’s no better place to make a name for yourself than a team that’s one of the most glorified franches in all of baseball, that happens to be right back up there on the verge of yet another World Series.

Most likely landing spot: Did I stress it enough? Oh yeah, Yankees.


Where will all the top Free-Agent’s land?

After the 9 players to receive qualifying offers turned them down, they’re going to enter into the free-agency pool.

The top guys that headline this are former Cubs’ Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis. Arrieta and Davis who are 31 and 32, respectively, are the premium pitchers of this year’s class. Arrieta who reinvented himself in Chicago has won a Cy Young and thrown two no-hitters in his tenure in Chicago. Davis was nearly perfect on his saves last year and was at the top of the league in ERA and saves. Those will both be huge losses for the Cubs to overcome this offseason but I have full faith in my guy Theo to keep us on the right track after making three consecutive NLCS appearances, and ending the 108 year World Series Drought.

Next we have to look at the Royals and how differently their going to look next time they take the field. They’re getting gutted harder than Brad Pitt in Moneyball when he lost Isringhausen, Giambi and Damon. Poor Dayton Moore, that’s a huge blow. Guys like Cain, Moustakas and Hosmer have been the core of that squad for years and in 2015 brought the Royals their first championship since 1985.

Most likely landing spots: Arrieta, Phillies; Cain, Rangers; Cobb, Mariners; Davis, D-Backs; Holland, Royals; Hosmer, Cardinals; Lynn, Cubs; Moustakas, Angels; Santana, Red Sox


How much Friggin’ money is J.D. Martinez going to make?

Talk about someone who is going to cash in this offseason and that’s J.D. The former Tiger who was traded to the Diamondbacks last season carried that squad to the postseason only to get swept by the Dodgers. Quite honestly I don’t know how that D-Backs team didn’t put up a fight against the Dodgers because I thought for sure they were a lock in the NLCS vs the Cubs. That lineup with Martinez, A.J. Pollock, and Paul Goldschmidt. Add on Greinke, Robbie Ray and Archie Bradley it amazes me they were so flat in the postseason. Can you imagine if that Dansby Swanson trade hadn’t backfired and he was still on that team too? Good lord. I’ve heard from the most bias Detroit sports fans that, “J.D. will always be a Tiger, he told me, ME PERSONALLY, that he wants to finish his career as a Tiger,” but that ain’t happening sorry dudes. He wants to win and even with that super team back in 2012 they still couldn’t do it so he’s not coming back. He’s going to the Nationals. The Nats have the money and a playoff talent caliber team to entice J.D. to come across the country. Plus the Nationals are going to be looking for Bryce Harper’s long term replacement after he skedaddles and comes to the Windy City. Perfect fit. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the guy to push D.C. past the point of choke return.

Most likely landing spot: Nationals