Sports are all about detail, and routine.

The little things.

Take away all the noise, all the fans and all the pressure.

Sports come down to one thing.




A lace is a thin rope that holds two things together.


Looped, crossed and twisted.

The football’s we throw in the backyard, and on the gridiron.

The baseball’s we use playing catch with our dad’s.

And the shoes we wear while doing it.


Without laces, the sports we play would be drastically different.


Sports build friendships, and relationships.

Laces break.

But they can always be replaced.


Next lace up.

Next man up.

That’s the way sports are.


Everyone can be replaced.


Now, get those shoes Laced Up.

And get the hell out there.


–Written by: David Greenberg

Don't beat yourself up, we know we're right