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NFL Combine Top Performances and more

Now that the NFL combine has come to a close, I’m going to give my thoughts and takeaways on how everything went. You’re probably wondering what my credibility is for accessing how everything went, so I’ll tell you.

  • I played QB for my fraternity IM football team
  • My TD-Int ratio was 0-8, yep you’re reading that correctly
  • My Player on Madden 18 is a stud and is ranked 91 overall

Now that you’ve heard about how sick and how stellar of an athlete I am, I’ll go ahead and rank the top QBs after the Combine.

1. Josh Allen

This man straight up killed his combine performance. 4.75 unofficial 40, 33.5 inch vertical and absolutely showing off the arm strength throwing 70 yard passes with EASE.

Take a look:


Electric arm on this kid. His natural talent is off the charts, but he is super raw. Playing at Wyoming he never had the type of big game exposure and was never really put into high-pressure situations. He can make any throw on the field at will, but in game situations, he can tend to make bad decisions and try and rely on his arm talent. This will not bode well for him in the NFL. As a QB, especially in the NFL, you have to make smart decisions to succeed.

He is my number one guy simply for his talent alone. I have no doubt that he will continue to polish his skill set and become a phenomenal Quarterback in the league.

2. Josh Rosen

Rosen is your next prodigy. There’s no doubt about that the kid flat out makes great throws. He is the most consistent thrower in this class and has every trait you look for in your franchise QB.

He’s known as a “silent leader” which is a real good thing. He doesn’t get into trouble and leads by example. You know who else does that? A guy by the name of Tom Brady, ever heard of him? He’s a brilliant kid and a smart polished football player. He is the guy that leads quietly and, from what I’ve heard, is not afraid to speak his mind when he has to.

Take a look at his comeback win against Texas A&M where he led the Bruins to a 44-17 comeback.

It was this game that sold me on Rosen. I always had my doubts about him because I thought to myself how can this so-called, “chosen one” go 8-4 every year at UCLA? Well, I personally think there was something with him and Jim Mora, the two of them just didn’t see eye-to-eye and Josh basically said I’ll put in my time here, but my mind is on the NFL.

This game shows Rosen’s competitiveness and determination. He’s a winner. I expect big things from him in the NFL and at the Combine, he was lights out just as everyone expected. His downfield accuracy had Execs raving. I expect this kid to be a stud in the NFL.

3. Sam Darnold

This might come as surprise to people, as most experts have Darnold going 1, 1 to the Browns, but not me. Not the guy with the 91 overall ranked My Player and the lights out Intramural QB. I know what I’m talking about, obviously.
I think Darnold is the most polished “dual-threat” QB in this class. I know Darnold doesn’t strike anyone as much of a dual-threat guy, but he has the ability to extend plays with his legs and is extremely accurate when on the move.

I know Sport Science videos don’t prove anything, but I think they are fascinating and really show the true analytics (and sabermetrics, obviously.) of a player.

He ran a 4.85 40, which was just 0.01 seconds behind the true “dual-threat” Baker Mayfield. Darnold is a special talent and I think if he is in the right system and on the right team, he will be a very good NFL talent. Don’t forget he’s only 20, TWENTY, years-old.

4. Baker Mayfield

Baker’s my guy. I’ve always stuck with him throughout the criticism, so I’m going to continue to stick with him after a decent combine. It was nothing special, but I think there were a lot of positives that can be taken away from his performance. First off, as I wrote with Will Bazarsky, Johnny Manziel and Mayfield draw a lot of comparisons, but mostly for their height, and their off the field issues.

I’m sticking with combine results so here it is: Johnny never threw at the combine, Baker did. Johnny only threw at his pro day because that’s where he was most comfortable. That shows a lot that Baker isn’t afraid to show his arm talent at the Combine, which isn’t easy I might add.

He ran a 4.84 40, which made scouts really lose their minds and had them racing around freaking out, “IS BAKER REALLY AN ATHLETE!?!?” I’ll let you decide:

I love Baker, but he is a system QB. He has to be in the right scheme, with the right coaching, and he’ll be a great talent. I could see Baker slipping, but I could also see him going number 5 to the Jets as well. He is a good passer. He really is. He’s good at extending plays and has a high ceiling. He has a strong arm and has great touch. He is a competitor, and there is always room for guys like that in the league.

My other takeaways

I can’t go any further without saying how much of a stud Saquon Barkley is. He deserves every bit of that number one pick because he is truly a once in a generation type of talent. Watching him is absolutely incredible and he is not only the best athlete I’ve ever seen, he is the best person and human being as well. I absolutely love everything about this kid. Saquon Barkley is a monster. (click on “Watch on Youtube”)

Orlando Brown did terrible at the combine. He underperformed a ton but I am not worried at all. The combine is a skill’s challenge to show who the best athletes are. At 6’8″ 360 pounds, 360 POUNDS, I don’t expect this man to be anywhere near a good athlete. I think he’ll be fine but will fall in the draft. He was a projected number one OL pick, but he might slip now as other better athletes have surpassed him. He has plenty of time to get more athletic. He has relied so much on his gargantuan frame to out body pass rushers. If he can slim down to 330-340 and get stronger and a little quicker I don’t see anyone that’s going to get past him.

Any other thought’s you guys have, leave ’em in the comment section!